Lab Alumni

Anjali Dutt

Semesters in Lab: Spring 2009

Graduated: Spring 2009

Currently: Visiting Assistant Social Psychologist at Macalester College – and, self plagiarized blurb: The overarching focus of my research is examining the social psychological mechanisms that are
associated with actualizing human rights among communities of marginalized women in
different international contexts.

Anuschka Bhatia

Semesters in Lab: Spring 2010-Spring 2011

Graduated: Spring 2011

Currently: I’m currently finishing up my MD at Albany Medical College and hoping to go into anesthesiology or surgery. Prior to that I received an MS in Biomedical Sciences from Rutgers. In terms of research interests, I’ve done work in neurophysiology and neurodegenerative diseases. Currently, I am working with a couple anesthesiologists on hospital QI. But funnily enough, I still think what I learned in the political psychology lab is more relevant in my day-to-day!

Ashley Long

Semesters in Lab: Spring 2013

Graduated: Spring 2014

Currently: In my final year of my DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degree at Rutgers-Newark. Living in Brooklyn and am completing my third of four clinical rotations. Currently working in the school system delivering physical therapy to children with developmental/cognitive pathologies. Will graduate May 2017!

Chrissy Mohle

Semesters in Lab: Fall 2008- Spring 2009

Graduated: Spring 2009

Currently: I got my Masters in clinical social work with children and families in 2014. Since then I have been working as a clinician, specializing in trauma-informed care. I’ve been interested in continuing my training in various play therapy interventions, yoga for children, and dialectical behavior therapy. I’m currently a clinician and case manager at a group home for girls ages 5-12. I’m getting close to completing my clincial hours and will be looking forward to obtaining my LCSW soon. I am also working on developing a DBT game for kids who have experienced complex trauma or demonstrate borderline personality traits.

Dan Czarnowski

Semesters in Lab: Spring 2014-Fall 2014

Graduated: Spring 2016

Currently: Since graduating TCNJ, I was accepted to Seton Hall University’s Master of Science in Experimental Psychology with a specialization in Cognitive Neuroscience. I’m currently working in 3 labs: a memory lab, a rat lab, and I’m doing my thesis work in the causal inferencing lab. In the memory lab I’m researching memory fluency and how mood influences our recall of learned test items. In the rat lab I’m examining sleep deprivation on extinction learning, namely in how it applies to PTSD. In the Causal inferencing lab I’m doing work on how our ability to exert forces interacts with our perception of how effective causal agents within a system are. I’m set to graduate in May of 2018 with my MS, and I’ll hopefully be en route to a PhD by then!

Heather Erny

Semesters in Lab: Fall 2011-Spring 2012

Graduated: Spring 2012

Currently: So I went a different route and ended up getting my MA in photography and art at Columbia University, although my masters thesis examined self portraits in OCD and non-OCD individuals as a potential diagnostic supplement to the DSM… so still psych related!

Jenise Banks

Semesters in Lab: Fall 2012

Graduated: Spring 2014

Currently: I am pursuing my MSW degree at Rutgers, and I am on track to graduate May 2017! I am applying for my LSW and LCSW this spring (I am considering applying for a degree in forensic psych, but haven’t decided yet). I am currently working at an IOP substance abuse treatment facility & I volunteer as a mentor for Someone’s Daughter Inc, which focuses on educating, encouraging and empowering at-risk young girls in the Union County area.

Jennifer Brady

Semesters in Lab: Fall 2010-Spring 2012

Graduated: Spring 2012

Currently: Since graduating TCNJ I got my Master of Science from Villanova University in their Clinical/Counseling Program. I am currently at the University of Maryland in their Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program. I conduct research on health disparities among people with marginalized identities and look at the gender-relevant and cultural factors that predict negative health outcomes for particular groups. I also am teaching undergrads and doing therapy at a community clinic for low-income populations.

Rachel Fikslin

Semesters in Lab: Fall 2013

Graduated: Spring 2016

Currently: I am finishing up my first semester in the Basic and Applied Social Psychology doctoral program at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York where I work with Dr. Sarit Golub as a part of the Hunter Aids Research Team. I am generally interested in how different social identities influence health behavior and achievement outcomes.

Sean Wire

Semesters in Lab: Spring 2014-Fall 2014

Graduated: Spring 2015

Currently: Criminology PhD student at George Mason University. Research on policing, and crime and place

Stephanie Mallinas

Semesters in Lab: Spring 2014-Fall 2014

Graduated: Spring 2015

Currently: I am working on my Ph.D. in social psychology with Dr. Ashby Plant at Florida State University. My research focuses on identifying and understanding the various factors that drive implicit and explicit intergroup attitudes. I am particularly interested in the roles of threat and morality in motivating prejudice that is based on or grounded in belief systems, such as religious and sexual prejudice. Additionally, I am interested in the social cognitive processes involved in person perception and stereotyping.